Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid. May 15-22, 2021.


– Director: Marina F.Fuentes

– Productor: Alex A.Martín

– Painter: Antonio Ibáñez

Journey to the Safe Point is an artistic installation created and directed by Marina F. Fuentes. A portrait of this sick society, accustomed to television violence and less and less empathetic. An exercise in self-criticism about our absent gaze towards transcendental conflicts such as migratory movements caused by despair and flight from territories that do not give peace to its inhabitants. A constant challenge to the public in which an image will resonate over and over again in their head: the bathtub. A bathtub that symbolizes the peak of social classes, that reminds you that while you bathe in drinking water, thousands of people give their lives to inhabit a world with water.

The painter symbolizes the gaze towards the sea, towards that void that separates, that draws borders and appeases the dreams of those who try to reach that bathtub, that certain point that never arrives. This live performance is part of an installation with a charitable purpose: the work painted by Antonio Ibáñez will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated entirely to the NGO Open Arms.


Address: Calle Silva, 21 (Madrid, Spain)

Phone number: +34 686 31 82 45


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