Premiere at the Corral de Comedias Theater in Alcalá de Henares. June 18, 2021.

– Set designer: Ana Garay.



– Production management: Josep Domèmech.

– Executive production: Bitò y Excelencia de la Palabra.

– Selection of texts and dramaturgy: Pedro Mari Sánchez y Susana Cantero.

– Director assitant: Susana Cantero.

– Lighting design: Pedro Yagüe.

– Sound design: Pedro Mari Sanchez

– Pictures by Clara Asoiuk.


Premiere at the Corral de Comedias Theater in Alcalá de Henares within the Classics Festival in Álcala. Great texts from the Golden Age in the voice of one of our best verse actors.

Power, sex, blood, God, the model of the world, with a figure at the center of everything: the woman. In the Golden Age, these themes were written with a lucidity and modernity that could hardly be surpassed. The defense of women, the abuse of men over her, intra-family sexual abuse, authoritarianism from absolute power, have been, since then, framed in the paradigm of our Judeo-Christian culture, the angelic myth and the need for the transcendent self in the face of death. The show created by Pedro Mari Sánchez is articulated through theatrical texts, poems and prose that make up a powerful speech with an absolutely lively pulse and contemporary theatrical language, which gushes out, like blood, and is treated with formal rigor, care and, also, the freedom that the best Spanish ever written deserves.


Address: Calle Silva, 21 (Madrid, Spain)

Phone number: +34 686 31 82 45


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